Acronym / code: EsSENce / CA19118
Project type: COST
Realization period: 2020 - 2024.
Project funded by: COST
SRO project holder: - - -
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Project website:
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The goal of EsSENce is to develop a scientific & technological innovation hub at European and International level, focusing on advanced composite materials reinforced with carbon-based nanomaterials for sensing applications.

The main focus of the scientific community is to combine advances in manufacturing technologies with the development of innovative nano-enabled composite materials for the fabrication of lightweight smart devices with structural performance and improved and/or added new functionalities including sensing and detection.

The advent of sensors in many different applications, like environmental monitoring, monitoring constituents in food products, security, gas sensing as well as diagnostics and human health monitoring, has led to the ever-growing modification of existing processing and manufacturing routes by incorporating advanced carbon-based reinforced composites offering multi-functionality. Among the applications of Carbon based (nano)materials composites, lightweight and smart sensors which will provide highly accurate and real-time monitoring functions in different equipment and devices without the cost of structural
integration, is the area that is particularly focused on EsSENce.