Acronym / code: 24688
Project type: IAEA Coordinated Research Project E24024 - Evaluation of the Dosimetry Needs and Practices for the Update of the Code of Practice for Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology (TRS-457)
Realization period: oktobar 2021 - decembar 2026.
Project funded by: IAEA
SRO project holder: Institut za nuklearne nauke „Vinča“
  • The Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene (Kuba),
  • Säteilyturvakeskus,
  • Energia Nucleare ed Energie Alternative,
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt,
  • University of Wisconsin,
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
Principal investigator: Miloš Živanović, Viši naučni saradnik
Project website:
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Radiation dosimetry is the most important tool to monitor and verify that radiation medicine is performed safely and effectively. It is a crucial element in Quality Assurance programmes for diagnostic and interventional radiology. The proposed CRP will improve accuracy of dosimetry in diagnostic and interventional radiology by providing input for the update of the IAEA Technical Reports Series (TRS) No. 457 “Dosimetry in diagnostic radiology: an international code of practice”. It will also provide data on X ray imaging modalities that are not included in the current version of the document. The proposed CRP will provide information on which irradiation beam qualities are ideal for use when performing calibration/verification, identify suitable reference dosimeters and instruments for dosimetry measurements, provide for the development of calibration and dose measurement protocols and associated uncertainty analysis. Radiation metrologists and clinical medical physicists will be invited to participate in this CRP.