Acronym / code: MODENERLANDS / CA20109
Project type: COST
Realization period: 2021 - 2025.
Project funded by: European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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Project website:
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The MODENERLANDS Action aims to merge and systematise the efforts of the European Research and Development (R&D) groups working on Sustainable Energy and the related technologies, in particular wind and wave energy sources, by proposing pathways for incorporation and by promoting the relevant synergies in Research, Education and Training in order to enhance Sustainability in the built environment. MODENERLANDS revisits safe, smart, modular, cost-effective and socially valuable high performance sustainable Energy Islands for consideration in the plans, design and development of the future sustainable energy infrastructure. Looking forward to future development, MODENERLANDS will work with Modularised Construction of Offshore Floating Platforms aiming at easily extending their size and capacity according to future energy needs. The concept of Modular Energy Island will act as a platform to maximise collection and conversion of the renewable energy sources and efficiently transfer them to the network, exploring cutting-edge Green Hydrogen related technologies for efficient energy storage and transportation. MODENERLANDS will promote synergies that will offer breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and R&D outcome and thereby contributing to the strengthening of the European research and innovation capacities on Sustainable Energy Applications along the European Green Deal lines. The proposed European Network will develop a European-based scientific and technological network with strong scientific multi-/inter-disciplinary features that will work on the exploitation of the research outcomes related to Modular Sustainable Energy Islands by integrating all related stakeholders, thereby intensifying the links among scientific and research groups and Sustainable Energy industry.