Project type: - - -
Realization period: 2023 - 2024.
Project funded by: IAEA
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
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Principal investigator: Mirjana Ćujić, Viši naučni saradnik

Research project will perform research to improve knowledge on the recognition of CFSI's and related implications to nuclear security and to develop adequate strategies for prevention and response. Under the project, reviewing of legal acts concerning commercial supply chains and related rules and procedures as well as legislation on enforcement and inspection will be cerried out. Procurement process in the light of nuclear security implications of CFSIs will be investigated. The forms of cooperation between low enforcement stakeholders and operators should be promoted and may be supported by defining of clear rules and obligations. Research partnership with other project participants, due to enhanced knowledge transfer, will contribute to the production of new and better ways of understanding the risks of CFSI and how to identify dangerous goods and services.