Project type: University Partnership Program (FY 2022)
Realization period: - - -
Project funded by: U.S. EMBASSY BELGRADE, SERBIA
SRO project holder: - - -
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"Through mutual exchange visits, workshops, and joint research, principal investigators and students will connect Serbia and America in support of education and communication on the importance of, and conceptual scientific basis of, renewable energy and water sustainability. Academic workshops on critical topics -- renewable energy sources, solar energy, and energy's impact on clean water -- will serve to establish several student experts as ambassadors who, through outreach in Serbia, will raise awareness of solar energy's significance. These academic workshops will be open to all Serbian and American researchers at both institutions. The cross-institution collaboration will create a strong foundation for continued scientific and community endeavours. Unique capabilities at both institutes allow us to engage on topics ranging from materials science to direct community outreach. Developed knowledge of the solar industry, from manufacturing to design, installation, and operation, will enable researchers and students to share their vision with Serbian communities to inspire new solar energy projects."

You can follow more details about the project, as well as the lectures held within the project, on THIS PAGE.

Laboratories on the Project