Acronym / code: NETPORE / CA20126
Project type: COST
Realization period: 2019 - 2025.
Project funded by: European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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Project website:
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The NETPORE COST Action will create an international network of world-class researchers and stakeholders to promote joint ideas and initiatives aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental developments and practical applications of technologies based on porous semiconductors and oxides.

Recent fundamental advances in porous semiconductors and oxides have demonstrated promising performance of these platform technologies for a broad range of energy and health applications. But the bench-to-bedside translation of these advances remains challenging. Current factors preventing these technologies from reaching the market are: product reliability, cost-effectiveness of production, uncertain long-term performance and benchmark reference, and added value of the final product.

NETPORE COST Action network will foster cutting-edge research and innovation in this technological field by providing opportunities for joint projects through Working Groups, bringing together a wide pool of expertise across academia and industry.

NETPORE COST Action network will: i) develop of a joint research roadmap to boost the transfer of knowledge by coordinating strategies among different actors with the objective of addressing big societal challenges in energy, health and the environment, harnessing advanced technologies using porous semiconductors and oxides; ii) act as a platform to further advance potentially marketable technologies by identifying strengths and weaknesses, needs and requirements of markets; iii) create venues to disseminate these technological advances and provide technical formation activities for young emerging researchers; and iv) promote networking activities in order to attract talent, build more and better joint research projects with clearly defined objectives to exploit technological advances and open exciting new business opportunities.