Acronym / code: TT 1164
Project type: Transfer tehnologije
Realization period: 2023 - 2024.
Project funded by: Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
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Principal investigator: Maja Kokunešoski

The project "Modified Clay as a Separation Medium," financed by the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, is scheduled to last for one year, concluding in mid-2024. The project "Modified Clay as a Separation Medium" is a continuation of the project "Natural Materials as a Separation Medium." It has resulted in a pilot filter, specifically a clay monolith produced at low pressing pressures and low sintering temperatures, using boric acid as an additive. According to the results achieved so far, the plan for the project's activities, "Modified Clay as a Separation Medium," aims to develop a filter to be used in water purification processes, with a focus on industrial water purification.The goal is to investigate the influence of sintering pressure and temperature on the porosity and functional characteristics of the clay and boric acid-based monolith filter to achieve a uniform pore distribution within the compact. The overall plan is to optimize the synthesis parameters to attain a filter with the desired properties.The relatively low cost of both boric acid and clay, along with the availability of clay, makes it feasible to use clay as a starting material in large quantities.