Acronym / code: GrInShield / 101079151
Project type: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03
Realization period: 1. 11. 2018 - 31. 10. 2025.
Project funded by: European Research Executive Agency
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • Fakulteta za Tehnologijo Polimerov (FTPO), Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
  • Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique CNRS (CNRS), Paris, France
  • Universite De Lille, Lille, France
  • Carl Von Ossietzky Universitaet Oldenburg (Uni Oldenburg), Oldenburg, Germany
Principal investigator: Svetlana Jovanović Vučetić, Naučni savetnik
Project website:

Starting from November 1, 2022, the implementation of the GrInShield project, 101079151, HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03-01 (TWINNING) has begun at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences-National Institute of the Republic of Serbia. The coordinator of the project is the Vinča Institute, and the partners are FTPO (Slovenia), CNRS - IEMN (France), and Carl Von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg (Germany). The project aims to improve collaboration between prestigious EU scientific institutions in the fields of electronics, nanomaterials, microrobotics, and polymer science, to raise the international reputation of the Vinca Institute, improve administrative conditions for the implementation of international projects, and establish cooperation with the economy and companies across Europe. The project deals with developing graphene-based composites for protection against electromagnetic radiation.