Acronym / code: ASPIRE / 6706
Project type: PRIZMA
Realization period: 2023 - 2026.
Project funded by: Fond za nauku Republike Srbije - Program PRIZMA
SRO project holder: Institut za nuklearne nauke „Vinča“
  • Tehnicki fakultet u Boru
Principal investigator: Zoran Jovanović, Naučni savetnik

АSPIRE will use various chemical and physical methods for the synthesis, modification and characterization of LDNMs and their nanocomposites to customize interplay between the components at an atomic level through careful control of composition, structure, size, surface chemistry, morphology, etc. As a result, a self-sustained devices based on LDNMs and тheir nanocomposites will be used for 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity and concentration of gases in Belgrade municipality.

Laboratories on the Project